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Stanza 3.0 Now Available

I am happy to announce the release of Stanza 3 to the iTunes App Store. Among many other improvements, this release brings a native optimized version for the Apple iPad!

Other Stanza 3.0 improvements include:

• PDF, DjVu, and Comic Book Archive support
• Turkish & Bulgarian translations
• Many, many bug fixes

In addition, the following new features are available for devices running iPhoneOS 3.2 and higher (currently, iPhone OS 3.2 is only available for the iPad):

Catalog Error: Error reading catalog data (iPhone & iPad)

"Catalog Error"
"Error reading catalog data. Please try again later" (OK button)

Running on my iPhone 3.1.3 (7E18) and on my iPad 3.2 (7B367)
Stanza version 2.1.1

I can open the catalog url on Safari on my iPhone and my iPad and have copy/pasted the address into the book sources. I know the address is correct. The same url / catalog opens fine on my friends iPhone, he has the same software versions of Stanza and iPhone.

I have tried rebooting my iPhone, deleting ap and reloading ap and rebooting iPhone at every stage of the install.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Frustrating iTunes / iPhone Remote Problem

Running vista 32, iTunes and an iPhone 3gs on 3.1.3.

Have used the remote app with limited success... not using windows firewall, using AVG 9 and have 'allowed for all' connections for itunes and bonjour service. When I fire up itunes and then my remote app, it works, entire library shows on my phone and I can control everything. When i leave it and come out of remote on my iphone, leave it on standby for a minute or so and go back into remote, it trys to find itunes without success, just says after a while that it 'can't find library'.

latest itunes broke my stanza sharing


Today, I applied the itunes update and can no longer import books into stanza from my iphone. This update also installed or updated bonjour, mobile me console. My OS is vista business

Fixes I have tried:
removed mobileme console panel
removed bonjour
removed stanza desktop
Resintalled stanza desktop (the default beta from the download page) accepted the bonjour installation that is bundled with the stana download

Still cannot import a book
stanza for iphone keeps looking for "computers sharing books" but does not see my pc.

Transfer Stanza library from Itouch to Iphone

I want to transfer my book library in my iTouch Stanza app to my iPhone. The books don't transfer when I sync.

Can't tap & hold image in book on iphone to create cover

Using Stanza 2.1.1 on iPhone 3GS with System 3.1.3.

I cannot tap & hold an image in an epub book on the iPhone to create cover art. When I tap and hold on a page, it highlights the text as it's always done. When I tap and hold an image in the book, the border of the image turns yellow briefly then off. Image remains, and I can turn page left or right, but tap and hold does nothing.

This feature used to work, suddenly it doesn't. Doesn't work on new files, and doesn't even work on old files that previously worked before.

Any help would be appreciated.

deleting from iphone

I have (I thought) been deleting files from my iphone library by hitting the edit button, then using the red button to delete files. I have now read in the FAQ that this does not work, and that I have to open the actual files,then use the edit-delete method.

Is this still correct (meaning with the latest version of Stanza for iphone)? Where did all the files go that I deleted the other way? Are they still taking up space on my iphone somewhere? And if so how do I get them back into the library list to delete them for real?

Thanks for your help.


Stanza Desktop does not recognize format but iphone Stanza does.

Ive been making my own ebooks in epub format in the program Sigil. I have the chapters set and text formatted correctly, but when I view the epub book in Stanza Desktop there are no chapters, or text formatting. I thought it was editing, but I opened the book in Calibre and the chapters and formatting were viewable in that program. So I was a little confused and tried to add the book to my iphone, and low and behold the chapters were there on the iphone. Does anyone know whats going on with the Stanza Desktop?

Experimental Picture Book Capability Now Available in Stanza 2.1 for iPhone, iPod Touch

In Stanza 2.1, we released a new experimental feature for Picture Books, and I just realized that we never actually communicated about this feature to anyone. Please note that this is only available for Stanza iPhone and iPod Touch, and not Stanza Desktop.

The key point to realize is that when Stanza is told that something is a picture book, it will ignore almost all other tags. So this feature only works with image only books.

To turn an ePub into a picture book, add the following element to the metadata section of the content.opf file:

Stanza iPhone text off top and bottom of screen rendering error

after adjusting the font and font size and margins, etc. in stanza on my iphone, any e-book I read frequently renders text split between two pages. usually it's just the bottoms of low hanging characters like , g, y, etc. and I can just read my book around it, but sometimes it's a line split entirely in twain between two pages, and requires resizing the font to fix it. the bug is easy to reproduce, happens in portrait and landscape orientations, and in fact a font size, paragraph spacing and line spacing setting that doesn't cause this issue is quite difficult to find.

Is there some workaround to this that I've missed, or is it a bug I'm encountering and there's nothing I can do?

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