Latest Stanza update force ipod touch to reboot and hangs

Today 4 of June was update of Stanza for iPod. I updated the application and then tried to start it. It tried to start and then force iPod to reboot. iPod long time showed only apple logo. Is this problem only with my iPod and Stanza installation? May be somebody know how to fix it? Forced reboot (pressing Home and On/Off switch for more then 10 second does not help).


Book Transfer

I am trying to transfer a book from my computer to my ipod touch. I was able to do it a couple days ago but it no longer finds the books. It finds the PC but not the books. any ideas?

Missing Chapters desktop & ipod

Ok, i love stanza, have been using it for about a month. Today i noticed that the last 5 chapters of a .lit book i was reading on my ipod touch were missing and were replaced with the prologue. I then checked it in Stanza desktop, i could also not access the final chapters with my pc. The ebook works fine in other reading programs on my desktop. This appears to be the only book having this problem for me. Anyone have any similar issues or any way to fix this, i would really like to continue using stanza.

Creating Children's Picture Book for eBook from Adobe InDesign

I am working on creating an eBook for a Children's Picture book. I am using InDesign. I want the pages to look like they look in (Adobe InDesign). So text, etc. needs to be formatted with the pictures. Is this something I can do? The idea is for kids to be able to flip through the book as if they were looking at the book in paper format (flip-through it).

Stanza ipod / iphone App Icon

I Love stanza, its my favourite app and I'm always using it, so much so its on my main menu bar: email, safari, music and stanza,
Now this may be a trivial issue for some (and as I can't access feedbooks at the moment due to a restore I'd agree, but while I'm here... :) But I don't like the newer app icon -- the one with the 'frame' -- I much preferred the previous smooth edged app icon that matched the majority of other icons on my ipod touch 1G 32GB.
Could you revert back to the earlier one? (maybe run a poll??) Please??

Access to epub files with images from project Gutenberg on ipod ?


first of all, congratulation for the Stanza app for iphone : i've just found it out and it looks like very interesting, especially since it provides access to non-english Project Gutenberg books.

One question regarding the features: I want to read the following book from the project Gutenberg (http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/25097). It is available in epub both without and with the images. When downloaded on the ipod (with OS 3.0), it looks like only the imageless version is stored. Is there a way to force the download of the image-embedded version of the epub book ?

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