The New York Times: Stanza: “The iPhone or iPod Touch can act as an electronic book reader.”
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Stanza iPad PDF low memory crash (deleting books)

Hi there,

Just pulled down the new Stanza with iPad and PDF support.

I have a several pretty large (300MB) PDFs. Apps like GoodReader can handle these with no problems. However, Stanza is crashing from running out of memory.

After a crash, Stanza is deleting the books it hasn't processed yet. So if I upload 200 books via iTunes, maybe three or four of them will actually make it into Stanza.

Crash report attached.

Incident Identifier: A188234C-90D0-4EDE-A7B0-8AB7A4BEF8EC
CrashReporter Key: ba354a13ca8a93e8d0159b23934761827ea4e7f4

Stanza crash on open (Snow Leopard)

G'day all :)

(Sorry if this question has already been answered: I couldn't find the Search function in the forum.)

I haven't opened Stanza for a while, but today I tried to open it, and it wouldn't. :S

So I downloaded the latest beta, and tried again. Still no go. In Console, there isn't even a crash log, just a report by my file browser:

6/05/10 11:26:18 PM Path Finder[688] NSExceptionHandler has recorded the following exception:

Stanza Desktop for Mac OSX does not launch

Just downoloaded the sw, but it does not launch. The system console shows the Java errors below

24.03.10 12.19.47 [0x0-0xda0da].stanza[2078] [JavaAppLauncher Warning] Java application launched from PPC or bad stub. Relaunching in 32-bit, and tagging sub-processes to prefer 32-bit with $JAVA_ARCH=i386.
24.03.10 12.19.47 [0x0-0xda0da].stanza[2078] [JavaAppLauncher Error] This process is [i386] and was re-exec'd from [i386], but for some reason we are trying re-exec to [].
24.03.10 12.19.47 [0x0-0xda0da].stanza[2078] [JavaAppLauncher Error] unable to find a version of Java to launch

Stanza crashes on large Ebooks on iPhone 2G and 3G but not on 3GS

We have an Ebook, that is about 24 MB big. It runs great on the iPhone 3GS with the 1 Ghz Processor. But every time I try to open the book on an iPhone 2G or 3G the Stanza App crashes and there is no reading the book. As mentioned the Software performs very well for large books on the iPhone 3GS so I guess it is not a Software issue but a processor issue.

Crashing on turning Night Theme off + support for non-Latinate languages

First of all, just a shout of thanks to the creators of Stanza. The iPod touch/iPhone version is a great app, intuitive and wonderfully customisable. The desktop version is slightly less amazing, but I guess most of the reason is because my eBooks are mostly in .txt .doc or .html format and therefore can't take advantage of the advanced features :P

That said, I've got a problem with each of the versions.

iPod Touch 1G Crashes on Delete from Landscape

Crash when delete from inside a book in several cases:

After installing 2.0 update, Stanza crashes out on splash screen

I've just installed the 2.0 update on both my iPod Touch and my iPhone 3G. On the Touch, whose library is empty after a recent warranty replacement, it works perfectly - I can read a book, open a catalog etc. (and it looks like a great update, thanks!). But on the iPhone, where I have about 300 books in the library, I get the problem described in the title. Even after power cycling the phone, when I open Stanza, I get the splash screen ("Stanza" and the new logo) for a few seconds and then the application closes again. There's no error message; it just dies silently.

Stanza crashed after launching

The last version of Stanza is crashing when launching, Snow Leopard 10.6.1.

Stanza iPhone 1.9 crashing on download

I have just installed Stanza 1.9 for iPhone.

Since I recently moved over to a new iPhone 3GS, I have to re-download my DRM-protected ebooks. Unfortunately, whenever a download (from completes, Stanza 1.9 for iPhone crashes back to the home screen.

Frequent crashes during download attempts on iphone 3G 2.2

Hi...First of all, this app is probably one of the most exciting thing for me on an iphone!
I've just found stanza today after being frustrated with the limited selection in the Classic app I bought much earlier. However, I have not successfully downloaded a single book frm project Gutenberg nor Feedbooks. Is there anyone else having the same problem? The app would simply quit to the home screen a short while after I clicked the 'download' button.

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