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Problem with Convert PDF arabic book to ePup Book !?

I have PDF Arabic book when i convert to ePup i have this problem in the pic : http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/2172/problemf.jpg

can anyone help me plz :(

really i need to reading my books with this great interface for ePup

How to Read Right to Left Languages in Stanza iPhone

There are handful of languages out there where the text is written right-to-left (RTL) where the writing starts on the right side of the page and finishes on the left. Stanza iPhone / iPod Touch doesn't officially support RTL as we haven't done enough testing on it but we are starting to get reports of Stanza working quite well with RTL languages e.g., Hebrew and Arabic.

I wanted to communicate some of the common book settings used by our RTL language readers:
Layout - Alignment = Right
Controls - Left Screen Tap = Next Page
Controls - Right Screen Tap = Previous Page

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