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Epub chapters don't show up on iPhone

I downloaded several epub books from Swashwords and sent them to my iphone via Calibre server. When I do this and download the epubs to the iphone no chapters show up in "some" of the epubs on the iphone. I can see the covers but upon opening the ebook I only see blank pages. However, they do show up and are accessible in the Calibre desktop apps.

After reading tons of forums: This is what I have attempted so far:

1. I have checked the conversions, all are in epub format.

2. Updated Stanza to 2.1.1

web load of .epub files

I have downloaded all my open format books from fictionwise as .pdb files. I set up a directory on my web site and loaded all the books, I can now access and load those books to my Iphone, it works great. I hve a bunch of .lit files I would like to load as well. I tried to convert them using ABC something converter and they would not load. So I loaded Calibre Ok nice tool but it only changes the file to .epub. When I place .epub files on the web site they dont ask if I want to download them and I get several pages of gibberish on my Iphone.

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