windows 7

unrecognized windows socket error using windows 7 64 bit when trying to enable sharing

I keep getting this error and Stanza asks me to install Bonjour, which I have reinstalled several times now. Help!

Stanza doesn't connect with Stanza Desktop via an ad hoc connection

Hey, everyone!

I'm using Windows 7 and have been trying to connect my iPod Touch to the Stanza Desktop via ad-hoc connection but so far without results. It seems that Stanza finds the network (My computer's name appears in Stanza) but never finds any books, either it just keeps on searching or gives an error message which says something about time-out.

Have done everything exactly as written in the FAQ but nothing happens. Does anyone have the slightest idea what might be the issue here? Sorry if I left anything unclear, am more than willing to give more details if anyone needs.

Stanza on Windows 7?

Will Stanza Desktop be available for windows 7 anytime soon?

I love the page turning graphic and the Gutenburg Project. Most of the purchase options were quite expensive but I'm not sure if Amazon has recently changed that.

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