The New York Times: Stanza: “The iPhone or iPod Touch can act as an electronic book reader.”
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unreadable text

Stanza iPhone text off top and bottom of screen rendering error

after adjusting the font and font size and margins, etc. in stanza on my iphone, any e-book I read frequently renders text split between two pages. usually it's just the bottoms of low hanging characters like , g, y, etc. and I can just read my book around it, but sometimes it's a line split entirely in twain between two pages, and requires resizing the font to fix it. the bug is easy to reproduce, happens in portrait and landscape orientations, and in fact a font size, paragraph spacing and line spacing setting that doesn't cause this issue is quite difficult to find.

Is there some workaround to this that I've missed, or is it a bug I'm encountering and there's nothing I can do?

Text unreadable: utf-8 problem?

Hi, I have searched the forum but did not find anything resembling my problem. I have Stanza installed on ipod which works just fine (thanks developers!) and on my MacBook Pro running Leopard 10.5 (Stanza version 1.0.0-beta18 build #1:413). But the same books which reads OK on iPod when opened on Mac show unreadable text characters, style !Z?g!7rò??àÕ??ߟ²ÂÚðŽɳ‰£ I have unzipped *.epub file and looked into part1.xhtml file.
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