Importing DJVU files is very slow on Ipad

Importing djvu files takes ages on the Ipad version (a single djvu file takes around 5-10 minutes). Files take way more space than they do on the PC hard drive.

Stanza on iPad

I have just downloaded Stanza for iPad and it is brilliant at opening and reading PDFs. But I noticed that those documents that I downloaded directly to iPad using GoodReader and then opened in Stanza (so no syncing with iTunes at that stage) have created an inbox which is only viewable in iTunes when syncing. This inbox duplicates the downloaded documents, which are listed under the File Sharing window in iTunes. And I cannot delete the inbox by dragging it from the File Sharing Window.

Is there any way of deleting this inbox?

I am using a Mac running iTunes 9 and OS X (10.6.3)

iPad version is truncating some of my books

First of all, thanks for making the ipad optimized app. I was really hoping this would come out, and I'm loving it.

Only one problem. Some of my books are not coming through complete. They show the fine, full versions on the desktop Stanza, but then when I load them onto the iPad, most of the book is missing. Usually just the end remains.

Thanks for any help.

Stanza iPad PDF low memory crash (deleting books)

Hi there,

Just pulled down the new Stanza with iPad and PDF support.

I have a several pretty large (300MB) PDFs. Apps like GoodReader can handle these with no problems. However, Stanza is crashing from running out of memory.

After a crash, Stanza is deleting the books it hasn't processed yet. So if I upload 200 books via iTunes, maybe three or four of them will actually make it into Stanza.

Crash report attached.

Incident Identifier: A188234C-90D0-4EDE-A7B0-8AB7A4BEF8EC
CrashReporter Key: ba354a13ca8a93e8d0159b23934761827ea4e7f4

Tecnavia Chapter Links Support

Tecnavia creates one of the industry standard epub file formats for the e-edition of mainstream newspapers.

As part of the epub files there are "next article" and "previous article" links at the beginning of each article in the newspaper extract. iBooks allows one to click on the link and be taken directly to the first page of the next or previous article.

These are not working in Stanza, including the 3.0 version.


Stanza 3.0 Now Available

I am happy to announce the release of Stanza 3 to the iTunes App Store. Among many other improvements, this release brings a native optimized version for the Apple iPad!

Other Stanza 3.0 improvements include:

• PDF, DjVu, and Comic Book Archive support
• Turkish & Bulgarian translations
• Many, many bug fixes

In addition, the following new features are available for devices running iPhoneOS 3.2 and higher (currently, iPhone OS 3.2 is only available for the iPad):


Hi, just checking to see if Stanza will be available as a full iPad application?

Great app!

ipad version

Are you going to bring out an ipad version

iPad Compatiblity

Love Stanza on my iPhone, particularly the interface to Calibre to download books.
Expected to see Stanza on the iPad, but still nothing.
Is something happening shall I just forget it now that Amazon has bought LexCycle?

Thanks, Phil

PS: Sorry if this is a repeat question, but can't find any Search Forum option.

Stanza iPad version

Are you planning to issue a specific iPad version of Stanza?

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