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Experimental Picture Book Capability Now Available in Stanza 2.1 for iPhone, iPod Touch

In Stanza 2.1, we released a new experimental feature for Picture Books, and I just realized that we never actually communicated about this feature to anyone. Please note that this is only available for Stanza iPhone and iPod Touch, and not Stanza Desktop.

The key point to realize is that when Stanza is told that something is a picture book, it will ignore almost all other tags. So this feature only works with image only books.

To turn an ePub into a picture book, add the following element to the metadata section of the content.opf file:

Stanza doesn't connect with Stanza Desktop via an ad hoc connection

Hey, everyone!

I'm using Windows 7 and have been trying to connect my iPod Touch to the Stanza Desktop via ad-hoc connection but so far without results. It seems that Stanza finds the network (My computer's name appears in Stanza) but never finds any books, either it just keeps on searching or gives an error message which says something about time-out.

Have done everything exactly as written in the FAQ but nothing happens. Does anyone have the slightest idea what might be the issue here? Sorry if I left anything unclear, am more than willing to give more details if anyone needs.

Getting pdfs off the desktop

As I understand it my iPod Touch must be hooked up to the internet in order to download ebooks. The problem is that I want to read manuscripts in pdfs that are on my desktop. Is there an application that would allow me to just drag (I have a Mac) the pdf to iTunes or something similar? My iPod Touch is not wireless enabled and at $99 a year in today's economy, won't be anytime soon.

Is there hope?
K Gormley

Crashing on turning Night Theme off + support for non-Latinate languages

First of all, just a shout of thanks to the creators of Stanza. The iPod touch/iPhone version is a great app, intuitive and wonderfully customisable. The desktop version is slightly less amazing, but I guess most of the reason is because my eBooks are mostly in .txt .doc or .html format and therefore can't take advantage of the advanced features :P

That said, I've got a problem with each of the versions.

Two Million Users and 12 Million Book Downloads Later, Stanza Turns 1

Seattle, WA--Lexcycle today announced that more than 2 million users have downloaded Stanza, the popular electronic book reader application for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch, since it was launched one year ago. Stanza’s award-winning reading experience, which features customizable formatting, searching, library management and over-the-air book downloads on demand, has led to more than 12 million book downloads.

Subject categories not working in i_touch 3.0

After upgrading my iPod touch to 3.0, the category function ("Subjects") in Stanza 1.8.1 fails to respond. I cannot set new categories for new or old books, and I cannot remove books from given subjects, whether set by me or the publisher. This also applies to the "Collections" function. Both worked perfectly before. If it matters, I am using WiFi over a PC with XP Pro & Stanza Desktop to transfer books. Is this problem fixed in the new Stanza 3.0 upgrade?

ePub File in Stanza Doesn't Allow Choosing a Specific Chapter or Bookmark

I have an .epub book that when I open it in Adobe Digital Editions, there's a table of contents on the left side with Title, Dedication, Introduction, Contents, chapter I, chapter II, etc. When I go to Contents, it's a listing of all the chapters and the chapters are clickable, like a hyperlink, and then that takes me to the chapter.

Purchasing Kindle books from Amazon

There are a couple of Kindle books on Amazon that I'd like to purchase, however I'd hate to pay for something and then not be able to read it on Stanza on my iPod Touch. As I looked for answers here, I found a page about supported formats. There was a statement just above the chart of formats that said, "Please look carefully at the right-most column "DRM Support". If the entry in that column is "No" for a particular format, we support that format only when there is no DRM-protection."

Harlequin Offers Free Love Stories for your Holiday iPhone / iPod Touch

For all of you romance fans out there, you can now try out reading on your iPhone or iPod Touch via Stanza. And best of all, its for free. We've teamed up with Harlequin to roll out a holiday promotion today to give away four short romance novels as a holiday gift to romance readers to read on their iPhones via Stanza.

Crash when accessing settings after ipod touch upgrade to 2.2

Hi, after updating my ipod touch firmware, to 2.2, stanza closes when opening the settings from within a document. When the ipod is in portait alignment stanza closes straight away, in landscape it opens the settings page but as soon as I try to scroll past 'reverse colours' stanza simply closes down.
I can still read but I thought I just highlight it and then it would be nice to be able to change the font. BR, Mike

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